Board Meeting Agendas & Minutes




January 10, 2020


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Durham Recreation and Park District was held on Friday, January 10, 2020 at the Durham Memorial Hall. Chairperson Goepp called the meeting to order at 5:45 pm. Directors Bradley, Hayes, Redding, Stevens were present. Also in attendance: Kelley Parsons-District Manager, Kirsten Cyr-Administrative Manager, Bradley was asked to open the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.


Chairman Goepp Appointed the Board Members for the different Committees:

            Budget – Goepp & Bradley

            Facilities-Hayes & Goepp



            Parade & Picnic-Each month an alternate Board Member will attend the Mtg.



Consent Agenda

Bradley made a motion to approve the consent agenda, Payment of December Bills Reg. #1, warrant # 031221-031227; December Bills Reg. # 2, warrant # 031249-031260; December 15 Payroll Registers, warrant # 031228-031248; December Bills Reg. # 3, warrant #  031261-0312682; December 31 Payroll Register, warrant # 031269-031288.


Approval of refunds and transfer of net revenues to the Tri Counties receipt deposit checking account for December, 2019; check #’s 2224-2227 for $74, 893.68.


Approval of Minutes from December 13, 2019 Regular Board of Directors Meeting.  Approval of Program Summaries and Financial reports for: 4-ASP Financials-November, Thanksgiving Camp, Adult Art Class, Family Fun Day, Donuts with Santa, Polar Plunge, Revenue & Expense Financials.


After some discussion the board opted to have some things from the yearly reports looked into the motion was seconded Stevens and passed 5-0 with Goepp, Bradley, Redding, Stevens, and Hayes all voting in favor.


Public Comment: None.


Old Business:

  1. Parsons reached out to our representative, and have not heard back as to the allotment for DRPD, after some discussion Parsons mentioned that the fitness park is the top contender for a new item to the parks. Goepp made the suggestion to look into a new park section out in Butte Valley.


  1. JBAC Green Room floors, Parsons said still no word from Mr. Shirah and Slater and Sons Co. but Bradley requested not moving forward with redoing floors just yet. 


3.      RHA Energy was granted an extension due to the ground around the outfield at the ballfield being too soft for the lift truck. The baseball fields will wait until the ground is dry. CP-6, the arena and all other park lights have been replaced.


4.      DRPD received the tractor back it worked fine for 6 loads of gravel then stopped working again. It was sent back to Valley Truck & Tractor, hopefully as a warranty issue.


Current Business


1.      The CPA’S report was asked to be printed out for Bradley and Goepp and the approval held over for the next mtg.

2.      Approval of no board mtgs. the months of July and December and move February’s mtg. to the 6th because Parsons was not available for the 13th. A motion was made by Bradley and seconded by Stevens it passed 5-0 with Bradley, Stevens, Goepp, Hayes, Redding all voting in favor.


Nothing for closed session at this time.


Recreation Supervisor’s Report and Recreation Coordinator Report

The Board agreed to accept the reports as written.


Park Supervisor’s Report

       The Board agreed to accept the report as written.


District Manager’s Report

       The board agreed to accept the report as presented.




Reports from the Board: Hayes, and Goepp had nothing to Report. Redding made the comment that the Ridge Quilters Guild has secured a place back in paradise to hold their mtgs. Stevens made the report that he had fractured his hand. Bradley mentioned the Crab feed coming up next weekend and asked how Cyr’s cruise went.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 6:45 p.m.









Next Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting: February 6 , 2020 5:30pm

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