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Durham Recreation and Park District

Regular Board of Directors Meeting

Thursday January 21, 2021 5:30 PM
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(Posted prior to 5:30 PM Tuesday, January 19, 2021)



A.   Roll Call:


  1. Call to Order:


1.      This agenda was posted at least 72 hours in advance of this meeting. 

   For each item not appearing on the posted agenda upon which the Board wishes to take action,

   it must make one of the following determinations:

a)      Determine by a majority vote that an emergency exists as defined in Government Code 54956.5.

b)      Determine by a two-thirds vote or by a unanimous vote if less than two-thirds of the

Board is present, that the need to take action arose subsequent to the agenda being posted.

c)      Determine that the item appeared on a posted agenda for a meeting occurring not more than five calendar days prior to this meeting, and the item was continued to this meeting.


Notwithstanding, the above items may be added to the agenda for Board discussion only or to acknowledge receipt of correspondence or other information.

  1. Flag Salute


  1. Election of Board Members
    1. Election of Board Chairman
    2. Election of Board Vice Chairman
    3. Election of Board Secretary


Chairman Appoints Committees

    1. Budget
    2. Facilities
    3. Personnel
    4. Safety
    5. Parade & Picnic


  1. Consent Agenda:


1.      Ratify November, December Payroll Expenses

2.      Ratify Payment of  November, December Operating Expenses

3.      Approve Payment of Board Approved Refunds & Transfer of Net Revenues, To the District’s Account in the County Treasury for November, December.

4.       Approval of Minutes from the November 12, 2020 Regular Meeting.

5.      Approval of Program Financial Reports for:

a.       Distance Learning-ASP November

b.      November Cubbie Care Program

c.       Gentle Yoga Class

d.      Polar Plunge Event

AGENDA, Durham Recreation and Park District

Thursday, January 21, 2021      

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e.       Financials from County October-December

F.      Public Comment:  

No action or discussion will be undertaken on any item not appearing on the posted agenda.

Government code section 54954.2

G.    Old Business:

1. Prop 68 Status

H.    Current Business:

1.      Review & Discuss CAPRI Report for 2020.

2.      Request Approval purchase of Heater/A-C for Office.



I.       Recreation Supervisor

J.       Coordinator Report

K.    Park Supervisor’s Report       

L.     District Manager’s Report

M.   Correspondence: County Investment Reports.

  1. Closed Session:


O.    Reports from the Board

  1. Adjournment     


Next scheduled board meeting Thursday February 11, 2021 at 5:30 p.m.





November 12, 2020



The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Durham Recreation and Park District was held on Thursday, November 12, 2020. Chairperson Goepp called the meeting to order at 5:30 pm.  Directors Bradley, Hayes, Redding, and Stevens were present. Also in attendance: Kelley Parsons-District Manager, Kirsten Cyr-Administrative Manager, Salena Leonard-Recreation Supervisor, Andres Corrales-Recreation Coordinator and Glenn Nevers-Park Supervisor. Redding was asked to open the meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance.

Consent Agenda:  

Bradley  made a motion to approve the consent agenda: Payment of  October Bills Reg. #1, warrant # 032000-032008; October Bills Reg. # 2, warrant #  032034-032046; October 15 Payroll Registers, warrant # 032059-032083; October Bills Reg. # 3, warrant #  032047-032051; October Bills Reg. # 4, warrant # 032052-032058; October Bills Reg. # 5, warrant #  032084-032090; October Bills Reg. # 6, warrant # 032091-032101;October 31 Payroll Register, warrant # 032102-032126, and 032128.

Approval of refunds and transfer of net revenues to the Tri Counties receipt deposit checking account for October, 2020; check #’s 2260-2261 for $30,799.50.

 Approval of Minutes from October 15, 2020 Regular Board of Directors Meeting and Safety Mtg. Minutes from September 24, 2020, Approval of Program Summaries: Distance Learning-ASP October, October Cubbie Program, Durham Survivor Camp, Halloween Cake Decorating class, Halloween Scavenger Hunt, Adult Paint night, and County Financial reports for September.

Motion was seconded by Stevens and passed 5-0 with Goepp, Bradley, Hayes, Stevens and Redding all voting in favor.

Public Comment: No public comment.  

Old Business:

1.      Prop 68 Status – Parsons spoke that we are moving forward with the splash pad and pickle ball court. DRPD has James Barr drawing up plans for the pickle ball court and the splash pad. Parsons said that Barr told her it might use up all of our Prop 68 funds just on the pickle ball court. After some discussion the Board agreed that they would like to see the layout of plans showing where it is going to be located at the Community Park, for the next board meeting.

Current Business:

1.      Request Approval of District Manager Parsons-nomination as the BCSDA                Secretary for January 2021-December 2022.

After some discussion Stevens made the motion to nominate Parsons to the BCSDA as the Treasurer/Secretary. Hayes seconded and it passed 5-0 with Goepp, Redding, Bradley, Hayes and Stevens all voting in favor.

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Current Business:

2.                  Discuss & Approve whether to have a December Board Mtg.

After some discussion the board opted to not have a December board meeting, with the option that Parsons could call one if needed.

3.                  Discuss & Approve ideas for Donuts with Santa

Corrales and Parsons spoke about the change from Santa to the “Grinchmas.” There would be a new format to ensure social distancing. The Grinch character would play into the distancing guidelines. After some discussion Stevens made the motion to approve a budget of $750 toward the donuts with the Grinch event. Hayes seconded and it passed 5-0 with Goepp, Bradley, Stevens, Hayes and Redding all voting in favor.

4.                  Request Approval of days off at Christmas Break 

After some discussion, Redding  made the motion to have Wednesday 12/23 thru 12/25 and 12/31 thru 1/1/2021 for the office to be closed for Christmas break. Bradley seconded and it passed 5-0 with Bradley, Hayes, Goepp, Redding and Stevens all voting in favor.

5.                  Discuss & Approve Christmas dinner for Board members and Employees 

After some discussion for the Christmas Dinner, Bradley made the motion to approve $800 toward an employee party. Parsons was requested to have the staff decide what they would like to do for the party. Stevens seconded and it passed 5-0 with Hayes, Bradley, Stevens, Redding and Goepp all voting in favor.

6.                  Review Approval of 2021 Board meeting Dates

Bradley made the motion to approve the 2021 Board mtg. dates.  It was seconded by Stevens and passed 5-0 with Goepp, Hayes, Bradley, Stevens and Redding all voting in favor.

7.                  Discuss & Approve Purchase of training pool cover

Corrales spoke about how the pool cover would be a great asset; it would save approximately $106 a week in cleaning and maintenance expenses. After some discussion Redding made the motion to approve the training pool cover purchase from Perfection Pools at a price of $3,333.14 Bradley seconded it passed 5-0 with Goepp, Hayes, Bradley, Stevens and Redding all voting in favor.

8.                  Discuss & Approve 2021 Polar Plunge

After some discussion Hayes made the motion to approve a $500 budget for the Polar Plunge with the request to ask the 4-H Group to assist. Stevens seconded it passed 5-0 with Goepp, Hayes, Bradley, Stevens and Redding all voting in favor.

Recreation Supervisor-Leonard spoke about the change on October 19 to in-school sessions. They had to do a quick change of times and programs and back to being open till 6pm, and it is going well. The Board agreed to accept the report as written.


Coordinator Reports-Corrales spoke about the Halloween Scavenger hunt and how it was a good turnout. Corrales thanked Redding for helping out getting goodie bags ready. Corrales also spoke about the new programs with a possibility of some sports in January. The Board agreed to accept the report as written.

Park Supervisor’s Report—Nevers spoke about the meeting room floor being polished, leaf removal has started, and the arena has been painted. Nevers was asked about the free logs for the park, he said they managed to locate some here locally instead. The Board agreed to accept the report as written.

District Manager’s Report—Parsons spoke about the BCSO swap team has been at the office cleaning up all the bushes around the office and at the park, she also said the ASP distance learning is going well, CAPRI also made a visit and we scored 98%. The Board agreed to accept the report as written.

Correspondence: None

Closed Session: Nothing for closed session. 

Reports from the Board

Hayes-Nothing to report.

Bradley-Nothing to report.

Stevens-Said that he and his kids would miss Leader Nick Albert and that he is a good leader.

Redding-Impressed with the feedback from the Scavenger Hunt.

Goepp- Stated that he would also miss Nick Albert and that the staff is continuing to do a good job with programing.

Meeting adjourned at 6:30 PM. 







Next Regularly Scheduled Board Meeting: January 21, 2021 5:30pm via Zoom


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