District History
The Durham Recreation and Park District began with the Durham Community Park. This park has served as a social gathering place since the inception of the community. The twenty-four acre park was specifically set aside when land allocations were established for the area in 1918. The district gained responsibility for the park in 1947. Through a property assessment of five cents, the District maintained and operated the park. The facility continues to be the largest District park area.
The Durham Recreation and Park District is an independent Special District under the supervising authority of its own elected Board of Directors, as authorized in the Public Resources Code.
Durham Mission Statement And District Boundaries
The Durham Recreation and Park District became one of five recreational special districts in Butte County in 1958. The District is a public service agency created by the people to provide adequate recreational areas and facilities to meet both present and future needs of the District.
Durham Recreation and Park District strives to provide quality and efficiently maintained recreation and park facilities, and comprehensive programs that promote community involvement, healthy lifestyles, cultural awareness, fiscal responsibility and environmental stewardship for a rural community.
The District makes up 220 square miles of unincorporated Butte County, including the communities of Dayton, Durham and Nelson. The population of the District is approximately five thousand persons. A community college is located within the District, near Pentz and Clark Roads. The boundaries of the District are contiguous with the Durham Unified School District.